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The O’C…

Hey all you beautiful human beings! Larry O here…

This Locals page is a God-send! I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along…

Here’s why:

First, and foremost, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly hateful, intolerant and stifling. If you’re like me, you’d like a place where you can express your opinion, exchange ideas, speak your mind and not worry about being judged, flamed, trolled or canceled.

THIS IS THAT PLACE! Unwind, let your hair down and relax in our safe haven: The O’C.

And then there’s the content…

I do a lot of stuff… a lot of stuff you might not even be aware of. My incredible friends and listeners of my daily, morning radio show on the legendary WMAL in Washington DC probably don’t know that I also write at least three columns per week at as well as at least one video show there per week. Those columns will be featured and available right here when they are published. I also do various television appearances each week.

One site, right here, to get all of this stuff, every day.

But, believe it or not… there’s a lot I still want to do. There are interviews I will do, topics I will discuss, debates I will have.. that will never find their way on broadcast radio. Sometimes because the nature of the topic is not appropriate for radio, sometimes because the subjects may be too personal for a broadcast setting. Sometimes because I just want to have a more intimate platform to exchange ideas…

All of those exclusive and personal topics, discussions and posts will be available only for you, right here on this site.

Cool, right?

I’ll also be sharing some personal, inside stuff about me and my life that I won’t tweet or Facebook (does anyone really share stuff on Facebook anymore).

And, just like on my radio show, I really look forward to your participation and feedback. YOU will be what really makes this place special!

So, stay tuned and share this with friends of yours that might also enjoy everything we’ll be offering here… it’s gonna be cool!

Larry O’Connor

Larry O’Connor hosts O’Connor & Company, the politics/pop-culture and lifestyle talk show heard every morning from 5AM-9AM on WMAL FM in Washington DC. He appears regularly on Fox News on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream, Spicer & Co. on Newsmax, Varney & Co. on Fox Business and was a regular on the cult hit Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

He is a Senior Columnist and Creative Director at Prior to joining Townhall, his writing has appeared on Hot Air, The Federalist, Washington Free Beacon, IJ Review, and Andrew Breitbart’s original websites Big Hollywood, Big Government & BreitbartTV.

Before radio, Larry was the General Manager of the Shubert Theatre in Los Angeles where he oversaw the American premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s SUNSET BLVD. starring Glenn Close. He also worked on major productions including RAGTIME, RENT, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, CHICAGO, CATS, and A CHORUS LINE. In his theatre career, he worked with Sir Ian McKellen, Kelsey Grammar, Christine Baranski, Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Lambert, and, regrettably, Val Kilmer.

Larry is married to Meredith Dake-O’Connor and they have four children. Quinn, a senior at UCLA, Veronica, a Midshipman at the U. S. Naval Academy, Christian, a junior in high school and EJ, a 9th grader.

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